Peter Grimes

“The big choral scenes as overwhelming dramatically as they are vocally.”

Financial Times

“The whole approach seemed to me one of rare sensitivity and intelligence.” “Neil Jenkins’ Grimes, very musically sung and acted with a glittery-eyed intensity, gripped the audience from start to finish – a magnificent interpretation.”


Benjamin Britten

May 1981 The Gardner Centre,
Brighton Festival

NSO Chorus, NSO Orchestra
conductor Michael Hall
director Nicholas Hytner
designer Kit Surrey
lighting designer Paul Pyant

Peter Grimes Neil Jenkins
Ellen Orford Helen Walker
Captain Balstrode Alan Watt
Auntie Carol Leatherby
First Niece Margaret Perry
Second Niece Fiona Dobie
Bob Boles Hugh Hetherington
Swallow Richard Robson
Mrs Sedley Maureen Morelle
Rev Horace Adams David McCord
Ned Keene Richard Suart
Hobson Eric Roberts
Dr Crabbe Lionel Green

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