NSO’s publicity machine

Sounds exciting. How could I be involved?

Like it or not, NSO operates in a highly competitive environment. All round Sussex and especially on our home turf of Lewes, Brighton and Hove, we compete for ticket sales and sheer awareness with a whole range of choirs, choruses, orchestras and every other kind of music-oriented organisation. In venues like Eastbourne we compete head-to head with shows originating in London; in London we compete with music and musicians of international standing. So for New Sussex Opera publicity – or marketing communications to give it its more correct, professional title – isn’t just a nice bolt-on to our mainstream activity; it is a mainstream activities. And it’s an activity that brings together a varied array of people and skills including, quite possibly, those that you yourself already possess. We’ve looked closely at our whole publicity machine, and these are just some of the components we need to make it formidable and effective.

Graphic designers
If you know your Gill Sans from your Garamond, you’re at home with design software packages and, most of all, if you believe good, effective design and communication shouldn’t be the exclusive preserve of the big brands, we should be talking to each other.

Social media champion
There’s no getting away from it, social media play a big part in effective marketing campaigns – and it’s a part that seems to be getting bigger every month. So we need someone who really understands not just the technologies involved, but who’s instinctively in tune with the role that, for example, Facebook and Twitter play in marketing campaigns – and in people’s lives.

Media relations specialist
A few well-chosen phrases on the right pages (or the right radio or even TV programme) can do far more than even the most generous advertising budget. So we’re looking for someone who knows whom to talk to and what to tell them across a range of media, and can also put together a clear, coherent plan covering both PR activities and traditional advertising. You’ll need a sharp, organised mind and the confidence that helps you get through to the right people in the right places.

Production specialist
What’s the best material for roadside posters? Who has the best deals on DL leaflets? Would an A3 laminating machine be a good investment? If you’re happy fielding questions like these, you have an eye for a bargain – and a natural instinct for making a bargain – we’d love to meet you.