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I could be interested...

What’s the real purpose of this role?

That’s easily stated:  to maintain contact with – and enhance loyalty from - existing                   membership/’friends’ /well-wishers and attract new members and therefore much-needed       additional revenue.  But before that, there’s work to be done in defining the membership offer – essentially what members get in return for the subscription.  There’s even a case for looking at different categories of membership.

So it sounds like quite a job

It is – you may like to give yourself the title Membership Manager – you’ll certainly earn it (and a spot of alliteration never went amiss).  

Give me an idea of some specific tasks

Getting involved in front of house publicity material to attract new members.  Keeping track of subscriptions and endeavouring to re-engage lapsed members.  Ensuring that our one, all-embracing membership list is kept up to date.  Getting involved in e-newsletters and other internal marketing initiatives.

What sort of person are you looking for?

Someone who believes that an organised, detail-tolerant mind and a degree of creativity aren’t mutually exclusive.  While certainly not a geek, you’ll eat Excel spreadsheets for breakfast and be happy to have a stab at other relevant packages – for example, for making e-newsletters really look the part. Whether you’ve been associated with NSO for a few months or many years, you’ll intuitively ‘get’ what the organisation stands for and offers its existing and potential members.  

Who would I typically work with?

Two of your key relationships, initially at least, would be with NSO’s Chairman and General Director to establish an attractive but realistically priced membership offer.  Having done so, you’d work closely with our new marketing communications and publicity supremo to develop and implement membership attraction materials and initiatives.  

In a few words, why would I want to do this job?

To have the satisfaction of knowing that you help to make NSO an even more dynamic entity   that plays a part in an increasing number of people’s lives.

What do I do next?

Contact Richard Fisher, Chairman, via email: